Ends on January 31, 2018

Please follow the directions below to submit your supplemental audition materials for the Bass Performance program at ACM@UCO. 

1. Complete the informational form below.

2. Submit your supplemental audition materials by attaching your files at the bottom of the form below.

Your supplemental audition materials must contain the following :

    This audition must be completed in video format. 

    Complete the steps listed below, recording section 1 through 4 with an audible metronome. 

    1. Play 1 major scale, 1 minor scale, and 1 pentatonic scale at any tempo with consistent timing. (2 octaves in any key)
    2. Play 1 major arpeggio and 1 minor arpeggio at any tempo with consistent timing. (1 or 2 octaves in any key)
    3. Play 1 minute in any style and tempo. (Rock, Funk, Reggae, Pop, etc)
    4. Submit 2 performances that best represent your style and abilities. Solo or with other musicians. You may submit previously recorded material that features your playing.
    5. Record a short narrative explaining why you wish to attend ACM@UCO.
    Students are evaluated on the content of their submission, NOT the sound quality. 

    Direct any questions to get.info@acm.uco.edu

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